ESL advertising: Benefits of ads on

If you have questions about advertising on or if you want to get started promoting your business, E-mail me. I'll approve your ad, and then you can pay via pay pal or check/money order (US dollars). Some benefits of advertising on ESL are:

1. Reach a targeted audience

The students and teachers who visit ESL are highly motivated to succeed. You can reach an even more specific target audience by advertising on a sub-page of ESL Here are a few examples, but I encourage you to explore's hundreds of pages to find your favorite. Or you can always ask me for a recommendation.

English learners: ESL's quizzes, ESL's English grammar and vocabulary class list

English for business learners: ESL's Business English classes

English teachers: ESL's classroom resources for TESL, TEFL, + TESOL, ESL's speaking activities for communicative English teaching.

English for business teachers: ESL's Business English activities for ESL + EFL classrooms

2. Increase name recognition

Your company will be associated with high quality, and award winning, ESL learning and teaching materials

3. Trust has been around for a long time (since June 2003). If you had bought ad space with us back then, say a permanent ad for $25 you'd be smiling at your good fortune. A permanent ad is now $45-$125, but I bet that 10 years from now you'll be smiling at your good fortune.

4. Affordability

Advertising with ESL is effective and affordable. For an increase in targeted traffic to your website, you might expect to pay quite a bit more than you have to. The prices below are for text link ads:

Link from: Cost for a 1 month trial Cost for 6 months Cost for 12 months
ESL home page $45 $235 $385
ESL's free classes page $30 $150 $235
ESL's classroom resources $25 $125 $195
ESL's teaching ESL hub $25 $125 $195
ESL's speaking activities page $30 $150 $235
ESL's free ESL quizzes $30 $150 $235
ESL's free business English classes $25 $125 $195
ESL's free business English activities $25 $125 $195

ESL was founded in June 2003, and has been rapidly earning a reputation as one of the best ESL sites for English as a second language learning and teaching. As a result, the amount of traffic visiting has been increasing substantially every month (we're at 2500 uniques a day and climbing). This means that prices for advertising may increase in the future, so consider locking in a low 12 month advertising rate today.

Permanent links are also a possibility, especially on deep content pages where you will find a captive audience with specific needs. Contact me for details, but generally we can make something work for between $45 and $125 for a permanent link.

5. Discounts

Discounts are available for large advertisers.