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FSW vacations like you! An ESL speaking and CALL activity

This find someone who activity is actually a brief (about 10 minutes) warm-up for an internet activity in which partenrs plan a vaction for two online. Planning a vacation requires a lot of discussion, making this a highly communicative task. I've found that it takes about two 50 minute classes in a computer lab to complete this lesson.

1. ______________ has been to Australia.

2. ______________ has been to a country in North America.

3. ______________ has been to a country in South America.

4. ______________ has been to a country in Europe.

5. ______________ has been to another country in Asia.

6. ______________ enjoys flying.

7. ______________ enjoys traveling by train.

8. ______________ enjoys being a passenger in a car.

9. ______________ enjoys driving cars.

Write down three places you'd like to visit. These should be places that you have never been to before.




Internet search and vacation planning task

With your partner, choose one vacation spot to research on the web.

Where do you want to go?

When will you go there? From ______________ to ________________.

Available flights: cost, time, and date departing/ arriving. Record the URL of the website from which you get your information.

Cost/ night:

What will you do for fun? What are the special attractions? Make sure to write down the URL of any websites from which you get information!