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Find someone who... had a good summer vacation! An ESL speaking activity

You will find below an activity that I have developed for students in a Master degree in teaching ESL. Their task was to develop the oral communication skills of the foreign persons in their class room. This exercise was intended to help them detect, collect and find a clear way to correct the mistakes foreign students usually make. If you are looking to develop your teaching skills or specialize your degree, you can find many online programs which will enable you to graduate from a Master degree in teaching English as a second language. You will learn linguistics principals, listening and speaking techniques as well as cultural issues you might have to face in this profession.

I used this one at the beginning of the fall semester, right after summer break. I went over rejoinders and follow-up questions before we started. This is also when you get students to create their own for #13-15. They should be related to the summer vacation theme if possible.

Watch out for the one about the swine flu rule - it's for Korean schools starting the fall 2009 semester.

During the activity you should circulate, participate a little bit (to encourage students), and listen a lot. Usually I write down the mistakes I hear so that I can put them on the board and go over them with the entire class after the activity.

Use rejoinders (cool, oh no, no way, really?, etc.) and follow-up questions (what happened next?). After the activity you will have to report some of what you learned to the class so take notes as you speak to your classmates. We will focus on getting to know each other first. Then we will look at the language to have an overview of the mistakes people made.

__________________ visited a foreign country during summer break.

__________________ visited an interesting place in Korea during summer break.

__________________ did something wild this summer.

__________________ is planning a trip for winter break.

__________________ has gotten yelled at recently.

__________________ has goals s/he needs to achieve this semester.

__________________ recently found something new that s/he enjoys.

__________________ got some new clothes this summer.

__________________ had to wait before coming to campus because of the new swine flu rule.

__________________ did a lot of work this summer.

__________________ went to the beach or to a water park this summer.

__________________ read a good book over the summer.




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Rejoinders from Conversation Strategies:

Surprise: Good news:
Oh really? Oh really! You're kidding That's great! Terrific!
Express interest: Bad news:
I see. Oh yeah? That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that.