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Find someone who... uses time wisely! An ESL speaking activity about time management

With most classes, you'll want to model how to complete the activity. I ask students to use each person's name only one time to ensure that they circulate and talk to as many students as possible. You may also want to model the initial and follow up questions if you're focusing on accuracy. Then during the activity, you can participate, listen and write down mistakes for later review, or do some of each.

Find someone who... uses time wisely! Use follow up questions!

1. ________________ writes down how s/he spends time. How long/ (you) write/how you spend your time? (present perfect continuous)

2. ________________ is very punctual. Why/be/you punctual? (present simple)

3. ________________ is disoraganized. Can you/give/me an example? (present simple)

4. ________________ uses a planner to organize his/her time commitments. How long/use/a planner? (present perfect continuous)

5. ________________ studies in between classes. What subjects/do/you study? (present simple) How much time do you/spend/studying between classes? (present simple)

6. ________________ went out during midterm week, even though s/he knew it would be better to saty home and study. What/ (you) study/for?

7. ________________ is too busy. Why/be/you busy? (present simple)

8. ________________ usually has to cram the day before a test. What/happen/when you take the test? (present simple)

9. ________________ has pulled an all nighter to study for a test. Which test/ (you) study/for? (past continuous)

10. _______________ recently had to make an excuse for not doing his/her homework. Why/ (not) (you) do/your homework? (past simple)

11. _______________ often feels tired. Why/ (you) feel/tired? (present simple)

12. _______________ doesn't sleep enough. Why/ (you) sleep/enough? (present simple)