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Find someone who... is continuously progressing! An ESL speaking activity by James Trotta

This is mostly the same as the original Find someone who... I rephrased #5 (which you will want to edit to reflect your name). I got rid of the question about grades because it can be an awkward topic for Koreans to discuss (though many students don't seem to mind I'm told that some might). That was #8, which now works well after returning from a holiday. It could be changed to "recovering from the weekend" for a Monday class or something. I changed #7 from 5 years to 15 years.

With most classes, you'll want to go over the meaning of 'SO' (significant other) and how to form the follow up questions (a one or two word clue is given after each initial question) before beginning the activity. During the activity I usually circulate, participate a little bit (to encourage students), and listen a lot. I write down the mistakes I hear (especially regarding question formation and past and present perfect continuous/progressive) so that I can put them on the board and go over them with the entire class after the activity. Before using this activity, look at #5 and either replace my name with yours or omit the question.

Use follow up questions!

1. ________________ has been dating his/her SO for more than a year. How long?

2. ________________ was not sleeping at midnight last night. What?

3. ________________ was going to school when s/he fell in love for the first time. Who?

4. ________________ has been playing a sport for more than 5 years. Which?

5. ________________ has already realized that Prof. Trotta is a great teacher. Why?

6. ________________ is thinking about something other than English. What?

7. ________________ has been studying English for more than fifteen years. How long?

8. ________________ is still recovering from vacation. What?

9. ________________ has been planning something special for a long time. What? How long?

10. _______________ was out drinking Saturday night. Where? Who?

11. _______________ has recently been studying English very hard. Why?

12. _______________ has been playing a computer game for more than three years. Which?