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Find someone who... is interested or interesting. An ESL speaking activity

I use this after unit 13 of New Interchange 2. Some of the participle adjectives are not presented in the text so you might want to review the vocabulary and how to form the questions (a one or two word clue is given after each initial question for a follow up question) before beginning the activity. During the activity I usually circulate, participate a little bit (to encourage students), and listen a lot. I write down the mistakes I hear (especially regarding question formation, use of vocabulary from the chapter, participle adjectives, and relative clauses) so that I can put them on the board and go over them with the entire class after the activity. Please note that if you're not in Korea you may want to change #5 and #6.

Use follow up questions!

1. ________________ thinks that action movies are boring. What?

Do you think that action movies are boring? What kind of movies do you like?

2. ________________ knows someone who is really fascinating. Who? Why?

3. ________________ was surprised recently. Why?

4. ________________ knows what the movie Titanic is about. What?

5. ________________ knows a Korean person who speaks English very well. Who?

6. ________________ is shocked that Korea sent troops to Iraq. Why?

7. ________________ thinks studying English is terrific. Why?

8. ________________ has read a novel that was written in English. What?

9. ________________ has watched an English movie that didn't have subtitles. What?

10. _______________ knows someone who is dating more than one person. Who?

11. _______________ was doing something boring at midnight last night. What? Why?

12. _______________ has been playing an exciting sport or game for more than three years. What? How long?