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Find someone who... is like Indiana Jones! An ESL speaking activity

This one places a heavy emphasis on the present perfect. I usually do it after watching some (or all) of Raiders of the Lost Ark with the class. All of these questions are things that happened in the movie. With most classes, you'll want to go over how to form the follow up questions ("Extra:" is written after each initial question) and possibly how to form questions in the present perfect ("Have you ever...?"). Note that 16 requires present perfect continuous (of course it can be omitted). During the activity I usually circulate, participate a little bit (to encourage students), and listen a lot. I write down the mistakes I hear (especially regarding question formation) so that I can put them on the board and go over them with the entire class after the activity. Of course, if you're in America, Germany, or Mongolia, you will need to change question 6,9, or 10.

Use rejoinders and follow up questions!

1. ________________ has ridden a horse. Extra:

2. ________________ has fired a machine gun. Extra:

3. ________________ has been in a cave. Extra:

4. ________________ has been in a desert. Extra:

5. ________________ has been in a jungle. Extra:

6. ________________ has been to America. Extra:

7. ________________ has kissed an American. Extra:

8. ________________ has touched a snake. Extra:

9. ________________ has been to Mongolia. Extra:

10. _______________ has been to Germany. Extra:

11. _______________ can speak French. Extra:

12. _______________ can speak German. Extra:

13. _______________ has gone on an archaeological dig. Extra:

14. _______________ has dug a big hole in the ground. Extra:

15. _______________ has played with a monkey. Extra:

16. _______________ has been preparing for something special his/her whole life.