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Find someone who... converses with you! An ESL speaking activity

With most classes, you'll want to go over how to form the follow up questions (a one or two word clue is given after each initial question) and when to use rejoinders before beginning the activity. During the activity I usually circulate, participate a little bit (to encourage students), and listen a lot. I write down the mistakes I hear (especially regarding question formation and using rejoinders) so that I can put them on the board and go over them with the entire class after the activity.

Use rejoinders and follow up questions!

1. ________________ has been to Japan. Where?

2. ________________ likes to hike. How often? Favorite mountain?

3. ________________ wants to go to America. Why?

4. ________________ likes ice cream. How often? Favorite Flavor?

5. ________________ loves his or her job. Why?

6. ________________ dislikes his or her job. Why?

7. ________________ is afraid of flying. How often?

8. ________________ eats dog meat. How often?

9. ________________ had a good vacation. Where? What?

10. _______________ is a vegetarian. Why? How long?

11. _______________ has a dog. What kind?

12. _______________ has relatives in another country. Which one?