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ESL free argumentative essay communicative lesson plan

Objectives- To analyze the organization of a 5 paragraph argumentative essay. To use notes from a discussion to generate ideas for writing. To write a clear thesis sentence and analyze thesis sentences. To write 3 persuasive paragraphs.

TOEFL Essay: thesis to conclusion (An ESL/EFL lesson by James Trotta)

Reading: fill out this chart based on the reading

The topic of the essay:
The author's opinion about the topic:
The author's first reason for her opinion:
The author's second reason for her opinion:
The author's third reason for her opinion:

Many teens work while they are studying. Some of them really need the money they earn to compensate for their school expenses whereas others use the money they earn as pocket money. Working is a great experience for teens; having a job is an important opportunity to learn about responsibility, cooperation, and the value of money.

To start with, working gives teenagers lots of situations in which they must act responsibly in order to keep their jobs. For example, one has to wake up early if work starts at 8:00 AM, no matter how late he/she stayed up the night before. Otherwise the worker will be warned or may eventually be fired. The real possibiltiy of being fired may force students to behave responisbly.

A second reason why having jobs has positive effects on teenagers is that it teaches them how to cooperate and the importance of cooperation. In a work setting employees often have to depend on each other. When a single employee loafs, others will have to compensate for his/her workload in addition to their own tasks. Students will learn from their working experience the importance of cooperation and why every individual should effectively carry out his/her own work.

Another point is that these working possibilities enable the students to understand the value of money and that "Money does not grow on trees". After the student sees how hard he/she has to work to earn money, he/she will also be more reasonable while spending it. Thus, working helps lead to responsible spending.

In conclusion, when one has a job as a student, he/she will benefit significantly from the experience. This way, students will be more responsible when they graduate. Furthermore, they will be more cooperative and better able to work as part of a team. Finally, since they'll be cautious about spending their money, they will be less likely to get into trouble due to excessive spending. All in all, having jobs as students is a terrific idea and I think every student should have a working experience before graduating and starting their professional careers.

Discussion: develop your ideas on this issue

Do you agree with the author's view and her reasons? Discuss the good points and bad points of teens working part time jobs with your group. Take notes on the discussion.

Writing: consider this prompt from an actual TOEFL test:

In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

Choose your own argument and supporting reasons (you may use your notes from the discussion) and develop a thesis.

Peer review: check your thesis statement

1. Does the thesis make a claim that can be argued?
2. What is being argued? Is the argument precise and clear?
3. Are the reasons given to support the thesis strong? Can a convincing argument be built on the reasons?

Homework: develop three paragraphs that support the view in your thesis. Remember that you should use arguments that support the assertion made in the thesis and that the reason given in each paragraph must be reflected in the thesis. Try to make your argument persuasive. Your job is to convince people reading your essay to agree with your point of view.

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