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ESL's Raiders of the Lost Ark class 2

Objective- To introduce several vocabulary words and to practice listening and watching to follow the plot in this Hollywood movie.

A plot synopsis is a story explaining the action in a book or movie. Read the synopsis of the first two parts of the movie. In the first part you'll have to fill in a couple of passive verbs.

In the first part of the movie we saw Indiana Jones take a gold statue from a cave. However, the statue ______________ (steal) by Belloq. Then Indiana _________________ (chase) by natives trying to kill him. He reached his airplane and escaped. Now we begin part 2!

In the second part of the movie we'll see that Indiana is a professor of archaeology and that when he gets antiques he sells them to Marcus who works for a museum. Then we'll see what this movie is all about: someone wants Indiana to get a certain antique.

2.'s Raiders class 2, part b.

archaeology A. untouched; not bothered
folklore B. hard to find
undisturbed C. studying people by examining their remains
occult D. antiques; very old things
obtain E. a search for antiques
rare F. traditional stories and beliefs
antiquities G. a decoration that goes on top of something
to have a falling out H. the only thing a person can think about
archaological dig I. a long, straight stick
obsession J. the strongest in the world; never loses
staff K. get
headpiece L. a ray of light
beam M. to have a fight that ends a friendship
invincible N. magical, unexplainable

Watch the second part of the movie, from the end of the first part (remember the first class ended with the plane flying into the sunset) to a car's headlights in the dark (right after the meeting between Indiana, Marcus, and the two men). So, watch from the plane flying off into the sunset until you see the car's headlights.

What was written on the female student's eyelids?
A. Love you B. Hate you C. Want you D. Need you

What will Marcus and the museum do "no questions asked"?
A. Talk to Indy B. Learn from Indy C. Feel sorry for Indy D. Buy antiques from Indy

Who wants the Ark?
A. The Germans B. The Japanese C. The Italians D. The Russians

Why do they want the Ark?
A. It's valuable B. It's an antique C. It's powerful D. It's beautiful

What is Tanis?
A. Marcus' hometown B. Indy's hometown C. An ancient city where the Ark may be D. a city where there was a big battle during WWII

What do you think about the movie so far?
Is watching movies a good way to learn English?

We knew from the first part that Indiana is good at getting antiques. Now we know that the movie is going to be about an antique called the Lost Ark, which may be in Tanis.

In the movie, Indiana takes antiques and sells them to a museum. In the real world there are several disputes regarding antiques. Some Greek antiques are in a British museum, but England does not want to give the antiques back to Greece. Also, there are Korean antiques in France, but the French government hasn't returned the antiques to the Korean government. What do you think? Should the antiques stay where they are or be returned to their countries of origin? Share your thoughts on the international affairs forum,

If that sounds boring why not talk about movies in general on the movies forum?

While you write, look for opportunities to use the passive voice and the vocabulary we've been studying.