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Free lesson plans for the ESL or EFL classroom

These are lesson plans that I've used and liked in an EFL setting. They should be equally viable in an ESL setting.

Argumentative essay writing - This worksheet asks students to analyze the orgainization of a sample TOEFL essay, discuss the issues, write their own thesis, and then write their supporting paragraphs.

Multimedia ESL lesson plans

Iron Lady - This intermediate-advanced lesson covers listening, speaking (accuracy, complexity, fluency), and vocabulary. It's based on a song.

Raiders 1 - This low intermediate-intermediate lesson works on present and past passive with an emphasis on discerning when to use each. It's based on a movie.

Raiders 2 - This intermediate level lesson works on listening, speaking (fluency), vocabulary. It continues following the movie from Raiders 1 (the lesson plan above).

ESL lesson plans that don't rely on technology

House interview - This intermediate-advanced lesson works on listening, speaking (question formation), vocabulary, critical thinking. It is based on the Harry Potter world.

Talk show role-play - This can be used with low intermediate through advanced learners and practices question formation grammar and speaking.

ESL lesson plans: Holiday lesson plans

Halloween lesson plan - A lesson for low-intermediate-upper intermediate that works on Halloween vocabulary.

Other ESL go activities which could serve as lesson plans are The tiger information gap and the vacation find somone who... and CALL activity.