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Free Halloween lesson plan for an ESL Halloween TESOL TESL TEFL communicative vocabulary class

There is enough material here for about 90 minutes of classwork, but I generally have done one hour of classwork and given the rest to students as optional homework.

ESL's Halloween ESL lesson plan

Objective- To learn and remember Halloween vocabulary words and have fun.


I do this lesson on Halloween, starting with the Halloween scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when Harry, Ron, and Hermoine fight the big troll in the bathroom. Then I ask students what we're going to study until I elicit Halloween.


Then I used to use Halloween flash cards from's Halloween teaching ideas. I don't any more because the site is no longer free. What I did is divide my class of about 20 into two teams, get them to elect team captains, and tell each captain that their job is make sure everyone on their team knows all the words on the flash cards.

I gave students 5-10 minutes to study depending on the class. Then the game starts. The captains hold all the cards. The captain of the team that goes first chooses one flash card, covers the word, and shows the picture to one person on the other team (not the person holding the flash crads), who must look at the picture and give the word with no help from his/her team. If the student gets it right the team gets one point. Then the person who asked the question passes the cards to the next student. The other team captain chooses a card, shows it to one student, and now the other team has a chance to earn a point. I usually play to ten, so the first team to get 10 points wins.

I did a search for free Halloween flashcards and hope the following URLs are helpful: (scroll down, follow links to different pictures, print them, label them yourself)


If time allows, I do this Halloween lesson. It involves a poem and some more vocabulary.

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