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Business English activities for ESL or EFL

These business English activities are ones I have used with my English for business classes.

Business writing

The basic business letter - I've used this writing hnadout from the Purdue OWL with A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence chapters 1-2 and Company to Company chapters 1-2. It explains the organization of American business letters. This is particularly useful when using a British English book like Company to Company or A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence.

Writing business emails - This handout discusses differences between business letters and business emails.

Tone in Business Writing - This Purdie OWL handout answers "What is tone?" Writing with confidence and emphasizing and subordinating are also discussed.

Business English needs analysis

For a new class - Find out what the members of a new class want to do.

For an established class - When a class that has been studying together for some time hires you to replace their previous teacher and they study from an authentic English business text.

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