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Teaching English as a second language classroom resources: TESOL TESL TEFL activities

The teaching English as a second language activities are divided into speaking activities for TESOL, business English teacher resources, and lesson plans for communicative ESL classrooms.

free ESL speaking activities - Role-plays, Find someone who... activities, information gaps, and an evaluation rubric for oral exams.

free business English resources - A strong focus on American style business writing (letters and e-mails) as well as two needs analyses.

free ESL lesson plans - Multimedia listening / conversation lesson plans based on American movies or music. These are the classroom versions of ESL free online courses. They incorporate CALL (online homework). Then there are non-media based lesson plans and holiday lesson plans.

These TESOL TESL TEFL resources are activities that I have used and in some cases created while teaching EFL in Korea. They will work for teaching English as a second language (TESL) as well. I try to provide some useful tips for using each activity based on my experience.

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