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Study English: Raiders 2 vocabulary quiz

This quiz tests your knowledge of the vocabulary studied in the Raiders 2 ESL class. If you do poorly on the quiz, try again after taking the class.

Type the correct word into each box. Choose from: archaeology, folklore, undisturbed, occult, obtained, rare, antiquities, falling out, obsession, staff, headpiece, beam, invincible.

1. Brides often wear a when they get married.

2. If you want to learn about the science of you should go on dig.

3. Some of Iraq's archaeological treasures were stolen after the Gulf War, and some valuable are missing.

4. TED: I told you that my best friend double crossed me and started seeing my girlfriend, right?
JIM: I guess you and your friend had a .
TED: Yeah, but I can't stop thinking about them. It drives me crazy that my girlfriend and the jerk who used to be my best friend are together. Thinking about it keeps me awake at night. It's becoming an .

5. (retreived 10/14/2003) says that "According to American , bald farmers could regain their lost hair by having cattle lick their heads."

6. It is that you visit a place in nature that people haven't damaged, but Glacier Bay in Alaska is mostly .

7. According to (retreived 10/14/2003), ....Most of them measure about 6 feet in length and are made of bamboo. Besides being used to carry water, the bo went on to evolve into a deadly weapon that could change from a walking stick into a battle stick.

8. A laser light can be used to measure how far away something is.

9. JIM: If you want to become a fortune teller, you can buy Chinese fortune telling sticks or a crystal ball at the shop downtown.
TED: If I knew the future, I'd be .

< p>10. Applications for passports can be through the U.S. State Department.

As I always say, the only way to learn this stuff perfectly is to try it. You can tell us one of your stories on the English practice forums. The more you use English to communicate, the easier it will be to remember grammar and vocabulary!