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ESL vocabulary quiz: English phrasal verbs exercise

The key to learning any English grammar or vocabulary is to learn when it is used. To learn phrasal verbs, you must learn when each phrasal verb is used. This exercise will test you; do you know when to use these phrasal verbs?

Read this story about a teacher talking to his/her students. Type the correct two-part verb into each box. Choose from turn on - turn off - turn up - turn down - take off - take out - put out - put away - hang up - clean up - pick up. If you see on large box, type in both parts of the phrasal verb. If you see two small boxes, one word goes in each box. Example: the TV or the TV.

Phrasal verbs exercise

Teacher: OK class. Time to start. Mary could you the lights? Thanks. OK everyone, your books , and make sure you your cell phones.

Hey! No cell phones in class! that !

Actually, before we start I want to tell you a little story. Every night I go home, my suit and throw it on the bed. My wife always says "You'd better your suit or it will get wrinkled. Of course I do what she says, but last night she was really angry. She said "You're so messy. I always have to after you.

I got all stressed out so I lit a cigarette. My wife said, " that ! Are you crazy? You can't smoke in the house!" Anyway, let's get back to class. Listen to this tape and answer the questions.

Student: It's too loud. Can you it down please?

Teacher: How's that?

Student: I can't hear anything.

Teacher: OK, I'll it . How's that?

Student: Better.

Teacher: OK. Woops, I dropped my pen. Oh it rolled all the way over there. Could you it please?

I hope that this helps. Try talking about your English class on the ESL go learning forum.