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Free ESL test: active and passive voice grammar quiz

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate active and passive verb forms (present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous, past perfect). This is based on the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Indiana (steal) the idol from a temple, but it (steal) from him by Belloq. Then, Indiana (have) to run from the natives, who (tell) to kill Indiana. While he (run), he (shout) "Start the plane!"

Later, Indiana (ask) to find the Ark before the Nazis (do). He (go) to find Abner Ravenwood. He (find) Ravenwood's daughter, Marion, in Mongolia. Marion (attack) by Nazis, but with Indiana's help she (survive).

Now, Indiana, Marion, and Belloq (be) in Cairo. They (look) for the Ark.

Change the following active sentences to the passive.

Many people have attacked Indiana

Indiana (attack) by many people.

Many people had attacked Indiana before he left for Egypt.

Indiana (attack) many times before he left for Egypt.

Indiana was teaching the female student who wrote "love you" on her eyelids.

The student who wrote "love you" on her eylids (teach) by Indiana.

Actually a friend wrote "love you" on the girl's eyelids.

"Love you" (write) by a friend.

The Germans are hunting Indiana.

Indiana (hunt) by the Germans.