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Test your knowledge of past simple irregular verbs

Fill in the blanks. Do not use contractions!

vocabulary: "bucks" is American slang for dollars so 20 bucks = 20 dollars.

Yesterday I (do) not have much fun. I (go) for a bike ride around three in the afternoon. Some guy (come) up behind me and (say), "I bet you twenty bucks I can beat you in a race." I (say), "No way!" and we (take) off.

I never (see) the old lady crossing the street. She (have) a cane and (be) really slow. When I (hit) her we both (go) flying. I (fly) about ten feet and (land) on my face.

The guy I was racing (know) I was hurt, but he (ask) me for the twenty bucks anyway. I (tell) him to go call an ambulance but he kept saying, "I (win); I (win)." Finally, I (give) him the money and he (go) and (make) the call.

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