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ESL grammar quiz: past simple irregular verbs

Fill in the blanks. Use lowercase letters. Do not use contractions!

I (fly) to Korea for the first time in 2000. One of the first places I (go) (be) a beach called Sam Shang Po. There a lot of foreigners there, as well as two Korean women and a Korean man who (say) his name (be) Ricky Martin. We (sit) inside or on the beach and (drink) beer. We (get) drunk and (make) a lot of noise.

We were (tell) not to make too much noise, but we (do) not listen. The building's owner (think) that we (be) too loud so we (have) to leave the building because of the noise.

Since it (be) winter, we (begin) to get cold outside. We (buy) more beer and some soju. We (stand) near a large fire we had started, and (feel) its warmth. We (try) to avoid breathing the smoke but it was impossible. The sparks (be) even worse and Ricky Martin's hair (catch) on fire. Luckily, someone (put) it out.

Some people (run) to keep warm. One drunk girl (fall) and (cut) her knee.

We all (sleep) in two small rooms.

We (drive) home the next day. It only (take) about 30 minutes to get back to Chinju.

When I (come) to Korea, I never expected such a crazy beach party.