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Free past and present active and passive ESL grammar quiz

This quiz tests your knowledge of subject/verb agreement as studied in Winky beginner grammar class, past tense as studied in Irregular past quiz and Irregular past quiz 2 and Boy in Ohio, and active/passive as studied in Raiders movie class and Raiders 2 movie class.

If you do badly on the quiz, take the classes listed above and try again!

Here are a few sentences. Type the correct verb form into each box (use the verb I give you in parentheses after the box). Do not use contractions (use "I have" rather than "I've").

1. Romeo and Juliet (be) a play that (write) by William Shakespeare. It (perform) many times every year.

I (go) to a party last night. When I (get) there, I (tell) to carry a keg of beer upstairs. Have you ever carried a keg before? Kegs (be) very heavy. Anyway, I (carry) the keg upstairs and now my back (hurt).

3. Once I (punish) by my parents for coming home too late. I (be) late, because I (go) to a party and (drink) too much.

4. Many cans of beer (drink) in America each year. People under 21, who not (allow) to drink leagally, (drink) a lot. When someone under 21 (catch), they (get) in big trouble.

As I always say, the only way to learn this stuff perfectly is to try it. You can tell us one of your stories on the English practice forums. The more you use English to communicate, the easier it will be to remember grammar and vocabulary!