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English grammar test: present tense and past simple irregular verbs

Fill in the blanks. Use lowercase letters. Do not use contractions!

vocabulary: "first impression" is your first feeling about something, "Gimpo" is the name of an airport in Korea, "cut" means to go to the front (instead of waiting).

Student: Where (be) you from?

Teacher: I (be) from New York.

Student: When (do) you (come) to Korea?

Teacher: I (come) to Korea in 2001.

Student: What (be) your first impression of Korea?

Teacher: I (get) confused in Gimpo airport and I (have) a hard time figuring out where to go. I (try) to ask for help at the information counter, but everybody just (cut) me and (go) to the front of the line. So I guess my first impression (be) kind of bad.

Student: What (do) you (think) about Korea now?

Teacher: I (love) Korea.

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