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Free 'armor' ESL grammar quiz

This quiz tests your knowledge of subject/verb agreement as studied in the Harry Potter related Winky beginner grammar class. The vocabulary used here comes from medieval armor so it may be unfamiliar to you.

If you do badly on the quiz, take the class listed above and try again!

Here are a few sentences. Type the correct verb form into each box (use the verb I give you in parentheses after the box). Do not use contractions (use "I have" rather than "I've").

1. A helmet (protect) the head.

2. A breastplate (cover) the chest, stomach, and back.

3. Bracers (go) over the forearms.

4. A gauntlet (wear - hint = use passive voice here) on the hand.

5. Cuisses (protect) the thighs.

5. Bracers (protect) the lower legs.

Please ask questions about this quiz on the message board thread.