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Test your Crazy People vocabulary

Write the correct word next to each definition. Choose from the following: tad, slogan, vital, stimulus, meander, sarcasm, annoy, psychological, consumer, nonsense, to produce, ostracize, courtship, to be nuts, maniac, emphasize, memorable, breathtaking, coming out of their shells, devotion, overwhelming, recognition, to attribute, inmate, compelling, dependent, top of the line, jaywalk, garbled, caucasian, negotiate, a contract, capable, motivated, compete, output, component

to say who or what is responsible
show that something is important
love and commitment
crazy person, lunatic
very high quality
white person
what you make or produce
easy to remember
becoming sociable
moving, motivating
a lot
come to an agreement about something
try to win
walk across the street illegally
little bit
something that starts or quickens an action
when you need something you are ______________ on it
go somewhere indirectly, not in a hurry
an interesting phrase
hard to understand
very important, critical
the state of accepting as true or important
to make
bother, irritate
when you say something you don't mean
to be crazy
someone who buys something
related to the brain
make fun of, be mean to
the process of dating or preparing for marriage
jokes and other stuff that's not serious
an official list of details about a job
when you want to do something, you are ______________
able (to do something)

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