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Learn ESL grammar: passive voice class & quiz center - free online resource

Learning the passive voice is difficult for ESL students. The grammar rules can be memorized, but knowing when to use the passive voice instead of the active voice often takes a lifetime of learning. Here I provide some grammar classes and quizzes to help you practive the passive voice. So if you want more explanation, start with a passive voice class. If you want to test your passive voice know-how, try a passive voice quiz.

ESL grammar classes: free online passive voice class collection


Harry Potter passive modal class - This class provides a brief introduction to passive modals used to express opinions.

Insurance present simple passive class - This class looks at the present simple active and passive used to describe insurance.


Political passive modal class - This class provides another look at how passive modals are used, this time to express political opinions.

Charity present perfect passive class - This class looks at some present perfect active and passive used to describe a charity. There is also a vocabulary exercise.

ESL grammar quizzes: free online passive voice quiz collection


Present & past simple passive voice quiz - This quiz is designed to follow a few ESL online classes. It tests students' knowledge of subject-verb agreement as well as the active and passive voice. This is mostly a past simple quiz (though there's nothing simple about the past simple passive).


Raiders passive voice quiz - This quiz has two parts. In the first part, learners must decide when to use the active and passive. Active tenses include the past simple, past progressive, and a couple of present tense verbs. Passive verbs are past simple passive. The second part test passive verb construction by asking learners to change an active verb to a passive one. Tenses include present perfect passive, past perfect passive, past simple passive, and present progressive passive.