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Get paid to take English language surveys!!

So you want to practice your English and make a little extra money? By signing up for online surveys you get:

  1. A little money (it’s not a steady income but money is money)
  2. English practice (the surveys are English language)
  3. Free new products to try

Taking online surveys will NOT make you rich but the following ones are legitimate ways to earn a little money while practicing your English by taking English language surveys.

Please note: These are US based sites and may be best for those living in America.

Online survey websites that pay

You are sort of at the website's whim of how many surveys you get to take (you can’t just take all you want, they send you invitations). But if you keep doing them, I think you get more. Most surveys are maybe 10 minutes and you get 10-50 'points' which basically are cents. But sometimes you get offers for good surveys where you get a few thousand points (say $20 or so) to try a product or keep a journal of some activity.

By taking these surveys, you accumulate points toward gift cards for lots of different retailers.

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