Clothing Vocabulary Lesson

Providing students with a fun way to practice new vocabulary words is extremely important in the ESL process. The more opportunities students have to review and apply their knowledge, the more likely they are to remember those words when they come up in a real life situation. Clothing, in particular, can be difficult as there are many different names for similar items and the differences are not always obvious or consistent (e.g. socks vs. stockings). Below I have developed a crossword puzzle requiring knowledge of the names of various clothes items in English and their function. Allowing your students to review these potentially tricky vocabulary words in a game-like setting will result in a better understanding of the topic and stronger retention of the information.

01. Chilly weather pullover.
03. Women's top.
04. Men's fancy dress up.
06. Jacket for precipitation.
08. Copped pants you would wear to a barbecue.
09. Winter outerwear.
11. Men's neck adornment.
13. Worn between the feet and the shoes.
14. Part three of a three piece suit.
2. Women would wear this with a masquerade mask.
4. Neck chill protector.
5. Pants cinch.
7. All purpose informal pants.
10. Protects head and face from sun.
12. Women's supportive undergarment.
15. Heavy work shoes.
16. Women's one-piece.
17. Casual top.

Here are the answers