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You're learning English. Maybe you have been studying English for a while. Maybe you are frustrated because your English is not good enough yet.

I know how you feel. I want to learn Korean, but it is taking me a very long time. Learning a language always requires a lot of time. The question is how to spend your limited time?

1. You have to use English. Talking is great, but many students have no speaking partner. Message boards, blogs, and pen pals can help here.

You can use the English practice message boards here on ESL to make friends with English speakers from all over the world. The message boards are organized by topic, so you can talk about music, movies, art, etc. Many people have found penpals and made good friends on the Say hi message baord.

A very different option is to communicate with native speakers by leaving comments on blogs (blogs are online journals). For a directory of blogs that welcome comments from English learners, visit Blogs for learning English & teaching English.

2. Read. Reading is the best way to learn vocabulary. Vocabulary is key. Kepping a vocabulary journal is a good idea. If you want to join a big online vocabulary journal, visit the English vocabulary message baord.

3. Improve your accuracy. Try to identify mistakes. Compare your language to native speakers. Study grammar.

If you want to learn English in America, you may have to write some essays. Some American students hire tutors to help them write a good essay. For non-native speakers, a little tutoring from an admission service can help you learn how to write better admissions essays.