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Proposed program of study and rationale

Proposed program of study and rationale

My program of study reflects my goals, which are to design training programs for intercultural communication and research the impact of intercultural communication training on learners’ performance. I study research and statistics to learn how to conduct educational experiments. I study learning theory and instructional design to create better training programs. I’m pursuing the HPT certificate because I want to systematically analyze organizational performance in international contexts.

I completed 12 credits in Fall 2013:
EDF5481 Methods of Educational research (Roehrig) A (101.5/103)
EME5601 Introduction to Instructional Systems (Darabi) A (150/150)
EME5603 Introduction to Systematic Instructional Design (Ke)
EME6665 Synthesis, Analysis, and Argumentation in Instructional Systems Research (Shute) A (215.01/220)

I am currently taking the following 12 credits (Spring 2014):

EME5608 Trends and Issues in Instructional Design (Klein)
EME6357 Evaluation of Training (Darabi)
EDF5400 Basic Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (Almond)
EDF5910 Research Apprenticeship (Klein)

I plan to take the following courses in Summer 2014:

EDP5216 Theories of Learning & Cognition
MMC6469 Diffusion of Innovation

I plan to take the following courses in Fall 2014:

EDF5401 General Linear Model
EDG6925 Advanced Instructional Design & development
EDG6363 Research Design Methodology

I plan to take the following courses in Spring 2015:

EDG6362 Doctoral Seminar
EME6691 Performance Systems Analysis