Introduction and self-assessment

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Proposed program of study and rationale

James Trotta: Introduction and self-assessment

A picture of Jim I taught English at universities in Korea for 12 years. One of my favorite subjects was intercultural communication, but I felt that the learning materials available were poor. I set out to design better materials for improving intercultural communication performance. How would I know that my materials were effective?

I came to FSU to learn how to research intercultural communication instruction. I believe the best indication of my progress toward the research goal is my current study, Effects of conflict resolution training on intercultural communicative competence. In this experiment, which may be a pilot study for a larger experiment that will be published in my thesis, I measure the difference that conflict resolution training makes in intercultural communicative competence.

I have also expanded my areas of interest. In reviewing the literature on intercultural communication, professors and colleagues have helped me recognize related fields such as problem-solving and game-based learning (by Maria at . In addition to designing intercultural communication instruction, I worked with a team to prepare "From Boots to Books," a lesson that will be delivered to TAs at FSU, helping the TAs deal with student veterans. As I pursue a certificate in HPT, I am learning to evaluate training systemically and systematically.

In conclusion, I'm designing instruction and evaluating instruction. I'm making connections between the literature and my research interests. Most importantly, I'm doing research.