Jim's curriculum vitae

Professional Highlights

  • Designed instructor led training and elearning for governments and corporations in America and Korea
  • Earned Excellence in Teaching Award for highest student evaluations at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
  • Achieved highest student evaluations in the graduate TESOL program at Sookmyung Women's University
  • Managed projects with teaching and administrative faculty as lead teacher at Sookmyung Women's University and as department coordinator at Hankuk University of Foreign studies

Academic background

Ph.D. in Instructional Systems, Florida State University, 2017
Master of Applied Linguistics, University of Southern Queensland, Australia, 2004
Bachelor of Arts, English Writing & Literature, Hofstra University, USA, 1999

Instructional design

Instructional Designer (contractor), November 2017-present
Computer Generated Solutions; Atlanta, Georgia

  • Designed instructional materials

Senior Instructional Designer (contractor), May 2017-Novemeber 2017
N3; Atlanta, Georgia

  • Generated elearning in Articulate 360 and integrated with LMS
  • Created leadership training strategy and designed blended learning program
  • Conducted needs analysis and discovery meetings
  • Wrote communication strategy for introducing Predictive Index to workforce
  • Coached trainers and revised training materials
  • Evaluated off-the-shelf instructional materials to integrate with LMS
  • Incorporated Kirkpatrick's four levels into evaluations

Teaching experience

Instructor, January 2013
ELS Language Schools; Orlando, Florida

  • Taught intensive English program for Brazilian teenagers

Assistant Professor, March 2007 – September 2012
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies; Seoul, South Korea

  • Taught graduate courses including ‘Second Language Acquisition’ & ‘Practicum’
  • Designed and taught undergraduate courses including ‘American Culture’, ‘Conversation’, ‘Composition’, ‘Public Speaking’ & ‘Debate’

Teacher Trainer / lead teacher, February 2006 - February 2007
Sookmyung Women’s University; Seoul, South Korea

  • Taught TESOL courses including ‘Second Language Acquisition’ & ‘Practicum’
  • Revised lesson plans and trained colleagues to deliver course content

Business English Instructor, September 2005 – September 2012

  • Designed and taught courses for Korea’s National Tax Service, Amway, & LG Chem

Visiting Professor, March 2003 - February 2006
The Catholic University of Korea; Bucheon, South Korea

  • Designed and taught courses including ‘American History’ & ‘Business Writing’

Web developer, March 2003 - present

  • Designed and developed several websites, including ESLgo.com which gets approximately 2,500 unique visits/day

Instructor, January 2002 - February 2003
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies; Seoul, South Korea

  • Taught continuing education courses including ‘Public Speaking’, ‘Discussion’, 'Reading', 'Writing', & ‘Web Design’

Instructor, February 2001 - June 2001
English House; Jinju, South Korea

  • Taught English proficiency courses for elementary, middle, and high school students

Instructor, September 1999 (approximate) - January 2002
The Princeton Review; New York & New Jersey, USA

  • Taught test preparation classes to middle and high school students


Academic journals:

"Travel Writing for Advanced English Language Learners" published in Journal for Educational Travel, 2011

Radical Priorities (review) published in Chomskyan Studies, 2009

"Approaching Chomsky’s Ideas in Teacher Training" published in Chomskyan Studies, 2008

"The Chomskyan Revolution and Repetition Techniques" published in Chomskyan Studies, 2007
Streaming Speech (review) published in Korea TESOL Journal, 2004

Books / book chapters:

"Chomsky’s Economics: an Advanced Discussion Class for EFL Learners" published in A Festschrift for Sun-Woo Lee, 2012

Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students (with Sun Woo Lee), published by Hyung-Seul Publishing Company, January, 2011


"Turn a conversation class into an intercultural communication class" published in KATE 2011 International Conference: Empowering English Teachers in the Globalization Era

"Speaking Tests in Advanced EFL Conversation Courses" published in Proceedings of KATE 2009 International Conference

"Teaching English as an International Language: Sociolinguistic Considerations" published in KOTESOL Proceedings 2004

"Raiders of the Lost Ark: Vocabulary and Grammar activities," published in Proceedings of KATE 2004 International Conference

"Developing Field Independence Through Web-Based Homework," published in KOTESOL Proceedings 2003


“Using television and movies to develop classroom activities,” SSTESOL conference in Orlando, Florida, May 16, 2013.

"Why and How to Use Online Message Boards" (with Jason Ham), KOTESOL conference in Seoul, Korea, Oct. 28, 2007

"CALL in Context: Incorporating Online Homework into a Curriculum," KOTESOL conference in Seoul, Korea, Oct. 9, 2004

"Build an EFL Web Site," KOTESOL conference in Suwon, Korea, May 18, 2002


Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults, International House Rome, Italy, 2001
Certificate of Web Page Design, Raritan Valley College, New Jersey, USA, 2000

Standardized test design:

NEPT (South Korean government - ‘National English Proficiency Test’)
FLEX (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - ‘Foreign Language Exam’)
Transfer Exam (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Newspaper and magazine articles:

"Education vs. Employment" published in the Korea Times, March 6, 2011
"Music Television: Gender Differences" published in Font Literary Magazine, 1999

TV Appearances: MBC News Who, March 29, 2009; TBS This Morning March 7, 2011

Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key, Excellence in Teaching Award