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ESL message boards - English practice - practice your English free!

Practice your English free with ESL students and native English speakers from around the world.

When I started this site my aim was to make practicing English easy by creating free message boards with no registration required. Spammers have killed that dream so instead I link to message boards that welcome native and non-native speakers.

General chat

Talk about anything and make friends on the tell us about yourself forum that is part of


Talk about music and make cool friends on this Grunge music forum. It helps if you like grunge bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but you can find forums for other types of music here too. Interestingly, there are grunge fans all over the world so you can meet people from many different countries here.


Talk about any sport and make friends on the sports message boards - From ice hockey to chess boxing, there's something for any sports fan to talk about here.


Advanced learners should consider studying from my reading textbook.

Learning English in America can be expensive so why not spend a little free time taking surveys? You practice your English and get paid!

English language surveys that pay

Since we need all the practice we can get when learning a language, I suggest you check out these English forums on this site.