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ESL Students and Academic Writing: How to Achieve Success

Are you an ESL student who feels at a loss when it comes to learning English as a second language? Have no idea where to get started? Today, it's a must to know English as it's used worldwide. There are many ways how you can master English quickly and effectively. Today, almost everyone has access to the language of international communication. It doesn't matter whether you choose English via Skype with a native speaker, classroom lessons in your hometown, educational tours, or something else - each method is good in its own way. Check the most effective tips for learning English.

ELS English: 10+ Tips that Will Help You to Learn English

These tips for learning English will perfectly complement your classes and make the learning process much more effective.

Translate the menu of your phone, tablet, audio player, and other devices into English. This will allow you to learn words important for everyday communication, as well as to understand household issues if you find yourself abroad.

Watch movies in the original language. Most of the production of modern cinema is American cinema, which means that the actors there are English speakers. The speech, emotions, and acting of the actors will help you learn English quickly using visual material. It's better to start with films that you've already watched in your native language.

Read, watch, or listen to the news in English. Download applications of English-language news services for your phone or tablet, choose news releases on cable channels, foreign media on the Internet.

Tape the apartment with stickers with new English words. Walk around the house once with a dictionary and a stack of adhesive papers. Write on the leaflets the names of all objects and stick to the objects themselves. In the future, you will involuntarily pay attention to paper boxes with inscriptions during simple household chores and memorize words. It's a good way to memorize the spelling of words and avoid mistakes in your academic writing.

Install the application for learning English on your mobile device. Modern phones, PDAs, tablets allow you to use applications for learning foreign languages. It could be memorization of words, a grammar book, or something else. The main thing is a tool that helps you learn English, will always be at your fingertips and will not let you get bored in transport or in line.

Register at ESL forums. It's a good way to improve your communication skills. You can share your experience with other ESL learners. Whenever you experience difficulties with college writing, you can ask for a piece of advice on forums. Visiting forums from time to time, you'll be able to practice English, which is the best way to learn any foreign language.

Chat with English speaking people. Talking English on Skype with the British, Americans, Australians is very effective. Native speakers may not tell you the rules or follow a topic that interests you. But even talking to media on common topics will help you. Listen to how a person speaks, where he/she places logical pauses, how he/she pronounces individual words, and in general, what words and constructions he/she uses. Learning English via Skype with an online ESL tutor is perfect for those who want to gain theoretical knowledge and apply it immediately in practice.

Listen to your favorite songs of British and American artists and read the text in English. This technique also helps to track how words are pronounced, helps replenish vocabulary. The only problem is that the lyrics are more artistic, and therefore sometimes difficult to understand due to metaphor.

Talk to yourself or play dialogs from movies. You can say to yourself in English everything that you are going to do or have already done. It is important to follow the basic rules of grammar so that incorrect constructions are not fixed in the mind. Speaking conversations from your favorite films eliminates the possibility of grammatical errors and, by copying the facial expressions and intonations of the characters, helps you learn English quickly.

Read books in English. Fiction helps to expand vocabulary, adds complex words to your vocabulary. Of course, this advice on learning English should be addressed when you already have some kind of base and can understand what you have read at least in general terms, without being distracted by the dictionary for every even simple word.

Do not neglect the dictionary. Have you heard or seen an unfamiliar word? Be sure to find out its meaning in the dictionary. The situation in which you paid attention to a word can help you remember it, create a kind of anchor for which a new lexical unit will cling to your mind. Here, however, it must be remembered that many words have several meanings.

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Written by Lauren Bradshaw

Remember that surrounding yourself with English is a surefire way to not only quickly, but also learn it effectively. Such an addition to classes will accelerate your progress many times. Follow effective tips from Lauren Bradshaw working at the essay writing service. She has a large experience in this sphere and gives tips that really work. Just try to get started and don't hesitate to go to professionals and ask for advice whenever you need it.