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An example concession from an argumentative essay

These free online English writing classes are designed to help you study concessions and replies in English argumentative essays.

What is a concession?

In this case the author is writing an essay and arguing that traveling with a friend is better than traveling alone. Look at her concession and answer these questions:

  1. Is the first sentence about traveling alone or traveling together?
  2. Is the second sentence about traveling alone or together?
  3. Is the third sentence about traveling alone or together?
  4. Is the fourth sentence about traveling alone or traveling together?
  5. Is the fifth sentence about traveling alone or together?
  6. Is the sixth sentence about traveling alone or together?

When I traveled in Europe last summer vacation, I traveled with my friend, Jessica. We traveled for 22 days together. It's true that traveling alone has many merits. People traveling alone are easy to make close relationships. Also they are likely to go anywhere they want to. But if I go on a Europe trip again, I will go Europe with a companion.

The first and second sentences are about traveling together. The next three sentences are about travleing alone and the last sentnece is about traveling together.

This writing seems choppy because the author swtiches topics without using transitions. In addition 3 sentences is a very long concession. We want to keep the concession (the part about traveling alone) to one clause.

Try rewriting this concession before you continue.

Here's how I would rewrite the concession (there are many other possible answers):

It is true that people traveling alone often make new friends, but sharing a travel experience with an old friend is even more rewarding. That's why I spent my 22 day European vacation with my friend Jessica last summer.

In this new version the concession is much shorter and we only shift focus once (we start with the concession about traveling alone and then switch to the main argument about traveling together).

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