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ESL's free 5-HTP transitions writing class

In English writing, writers use transition words to make their writing better. In this exercise, you'll read an excerpt from an article What is 5-HTP supposed to do?

The following transitions have been removed from this paragraph: also (used two times), in addition (used two times), finally. See if you can determine where the author used these transitions. Type the correct transitions into each box in the paragraph.

The purpose of taking 5-HTP is to reduce carbohydrate cravings, and thus, diminish food intake, resulting in weight loss. to promoting weight loss, it has been linked with beneficial effects on behavior. The results of one study proved to be in favor of the hypothesis that 5-HTP causes a decrease in food intake, resulting in a loss of weight. The group taking 5-HTP consumed significantly fewer calories than the placebo group. to this, carbohydrate intake of the 5-HTP group was significantly less that that of the placebo group. , the amount of weight lost was significantly higher in the 5-HTP group than in the placebo group. No differences of psychological status were recorded in any of the subjects. (retrieved June 27, 2004 from - modified by James Trotta)

If you have any questions about this class please visit its message board thread. Or talk about some of the difficult medical vocabulary. If possible, start practicing the vocabulary.

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