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Correct Winky! An online grammar class on subject/verb agreement

Correct Winky's speech!

When Harry Potter goes to the Quidditch World Cup, he meets Winky before the game. Winky needs some grammar help, so I've included some of the things she says here. Your job is to type in the correct form of the verb in parentheses.

But I (know) Dobby too, sir!.

You (be) surely Harry Potter.

I (be) not sure you did Dobby a favor...

House-elves (be) not paid, sir!

You (go) racketing around like this, Dobby...

House-elves (do) what they are told.

Winky (wish) she...

With that last question, you have to remember that we don't usually talk about ourselves in the third person. "I want to read the next Harry Potter book" is normal. I wouldn't say "Jim wants to read the next Harry Potter book." I don't call myself by name. I use "I". You can practice your English on thread for this class or one of the other English practice forums. Don't be afraid to use the forums. The only way to improve your English is to practice with other people!