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Health dangers of obesity vs. the danger of lifting weights

In this class we will write about our philosopy on health, exercise, and diet. First, here is a model that I wrote:

My wife often tells me to be careful when she sees me working hard to lift heavy weights. If I'm not grunting, I always laugh and ask if it's more dangerous to exercise or not to exercise.

I'm not claiming that I can't be hurt while lifting weights. It's just that leading a sedentary life seems far more dangerous. It's not hard to see people who suffer because they don't exercise. People become obese and the result is a myriad of health problems. Obesity is truly dangerous.

Some would argue that running is a better form of exercise than lifting weights but I disagree. I think that both running and weight lifting are valuable tools for getting in shape. However, I only run a few times a week because running puts more stress on the joints than weight lifting.

Jack LaLanne is an excellent example. LaLanne is a famous bodybuilder, weightlifter, and swimmer. He's also an expert on physical fitness and exercise who, at the age of 94, works out 2 hours a day. He spends 90 minutes lifting weights and half an hour swimming. One of his more famous quotes is, "Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you've got a kingdom."

Thanks to Medical Supplies for making this vocabulary quiz possible. Please check out their exercise equipment after taking the quiz:

Grunt (verb or noun) A. many
Sedentary (adjective) B. very fat or overweight
Obese (adjective) C. a deep noise that comes from the throat
Myriad (usually adjective, sometimes noun) D. improve one's health
Get in shape (verb) E. characterized by sitting and not exercising

I hope that this quiz will encourage you to do two things. First I hope that you will practice some of this English by talking about your own fitness goals on the message boards.

Second, I hope that if you are not currently committed to exercising and eating well that you start working out and watching what you eat now. Wouldn't you rather be like Jack LaLanne when you're 94 years old?