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ESL's free online English travel and tourism classes

These free online English travel and English tourism classes are designed to help you practice a small amount of English grammar or vocabulary. After you finish the English travel grammar or English tourism vocabulary, you should practice using that grammar or vocabulary to communicate.

That means you should talk to a friend in English or find a pen pal on the English practice message boards. The travel message board will be useful here. Please do not be shy about joining the discussion; using your English is the best way to improve your English.

Grammar and vocabulary classes for communicating about English travel and English tourism

Class name Subject Items studied
Level 2
A short conversation about a cruise 1. Study grammar: past simple and present perfect.
2. Read and write messages on the forums.
Study ESL in America
Level 4
Advice about studying ESL in America 1. Read about some American cities.
2. Read about how to find a school.
3. Get free advice from ESL agent.
Level 5
A conversation about Rome 1. study grammar: present perfect, past perfect, past progressive.
2. Use the grammar to complete a conversation
3. Use the grammar to read and write on the message board.

English travel and English tourism links

If you want to study English for travel or English for tourism, you might enjoy my travel plan and vacation idea blog or my English travel guide book store.