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Wireless technology free vocabulary and grammar class: present perfect

In this "Wireless technology" class we're going to read about how wireless technology may affect e-commerce, video teleconferencing, and other technology. In the first paragraph, the present perfect verbs are bold. In the second paragraph, a present perfect verb has been removed. See if you can type in the correct form of the verb in parentheses.

English vocabulary you should know:

hot - popular (a hot topic is one that many people want to talk about).

attract - get, gain (wireless technology has attracted users means that people have started using it).

undergo - have happen (wireless technology has undergone changes means that changes have affected it).

profound - important, big (profound changes means that things are changing a lot).

pale - become less (may pale in comparison to the next few years means that more may happen in the next few years).

Will 3G Really Be the Next Big Wireless Technology?

Written by Lee Garber retrieved from on 9/27/2003

For the last couple of years, one of the hottest topics in computing and communications has been wireless technology. During this time, the technology has attracted many users and has undergone numerous changes, including Internet connectivity. However, even these profound changes may pale in comparison to what may happen during the next few years.

Therefore, it appears that wireless technology (reach) a turning point, as vendors and researchers prepare to take it to the next level. Most industry observers agree that next-level wireless technology will offer more bandwidth, security, and reliability, making it more suitable for multimedia, e-commerce, videoconferencing, and other advanced applications.

You now know that the present perfect is formed with has/have + past participle. In these examples the present perfect is being used to describe an action that started in the past and continues to the present (one of the hottest topics has been wireless technology) or recent actions that affect the present (wireless technology has reached a turning point). Why not practice using the present perfect on one of the English practice forums? The more you use English to communicate, the easier it will be to remember grammar and vocabulary! Don't worry if you don't understand perfectly. Perfect understanding takes a lot of practice. You can ask questions on the English questions forum.

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