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ESL's WiFi wireless networking class

In this class we're going to look at WiFi technology, also known as high speed wireless internet or wireless networking, and some vocabulary and grammar. In English we often want to express that something might happen in the future. "WiFi technology might become very popular" or "WiFi technology could be used in business" are ways of expressing a possibility. It is possible that WiFi technology will be used in business, but it's also possible that WiFi won't be used in business. Notice how future potential is used in the reading below.

Wireless Networks Gain Spectrum

By C. Stern, retrieved 11/15/2003 from

The Federal Communications Commission set aside a new slice of airwaves yesterday for wireless Internet users, a move the agency said was designed to encourage the spread of high-speed data access in rural and other underserved areas.

The action is the latest by the FCC to free up high-frequency spectrum for devices that allow people to access the Internet over wireless connections, often referred to as WiFi networks. The nascent technology could have a particularly great impact in rural areas where telephone and cable lines have yet to be upgraded to carry high-speed Internet services.

This sentence expresses future potential: It's possible that wireless technology will have a big impact in rural areas, but maybe wireless technology will not have a big impact.

Here's a WiFi vocabulary test. Try to type the letter of the correct definition into the box on the left of each word.

set aside A. country area, the opposite of urban or city areas
slice B. make available
rural C. new, young
underserved area D. reserve, save
free up E. an area that lacks a certain kind of service
nascent F. piece, part of

Practice your Business English on the business message board. How will WiFi affect business? Does your business use wireless networking? Or you can talk about WiFi and other technology on the technology message board.

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