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ESL's "virus and computer security" class

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I haven't been updating my web site much because a computer virus has been slowing me down. This is from McAfee VirusScanOnline:

Viruses never stop. Every day it seems like there's a new version of Mydoom, Netsky or Sober. These fast-spreading mass-mailing worms easily infect exposed PCs, forward themselves to your email contacts and even help remote hackers hijack personal information.

Here's a Virus vocabulary test. Try to type the letter of the correct definition into the box on the left of each word.

Mydoom, Netsky, Sober A. far away
mass mailing B. names for specific viruses or worms
worm * C. steal, get control
infect D. technically different from a virus, but is often thought of as a type of virus.
exposed E. people who break into computers
remote F. mail many people
hackers G. damage, affect badly, make sick
hijack H. unprotected, vulnerable, subject to attack

* Most people use the word "virus" to talk about worms or any other program that damages your computer. For computer security experts, worms and viruses are different types of programs. Most people don't need to know the difference between worms and viruses.

Have you ever gotten a virus? What happened? You can talk about computer viruses and other technology on the technology message board.

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