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English for technology lessons: classes to communicate about technology in English

Welcome to the English for technology section of ESL, where you can take a free online lesson about domain names, web hosting, wireless technology, computers, and more. There is a list of technology related English lessons below, but ESL offers much more than English for technology. There is a full list of over 40 free online ESL classes based on Harry Potter, American movies, music, and other popular themes.

Even more important than the online classes are the free English language forums (message boards) where you can use English to communicate with other English speakers. It will give you an opportunity to practice the English you studied while taking the free classes!

Yahoo CEO
Level 2
A statement from the CEO of Yahoo helps you learn Business English grammar and practice reading.
Wireless technology
Level 2
A grammar exercise helps you study the present perfect.
Car loan
Level 2
A conversation about a car loan helps you study the difference between lend and borrow.
How to get a site hosted
Level 3
A web hosting ad helps you learn web hosting vocabulary.
Level 3
An introduction to the IMTC helps you learn technological English vocabulary.
Domain name registration class
Level 3
How to register a domain name helps you study domain registration vocabulary
WiFi technology class
Level 3
A news report about wireless internet helps you learn technological English vocabulary and English grammar.
Overture pay per click search engine class
Level 3
Information about overture helps you study pay per click search engine vocabulary
Computer games in Korea
Level 3
Part of a news article about computer games in Korea
Computer virus
Level 4
A paragraph about viruses helps you learn vocabulary needed to discuss computer viruses.