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If you want to have a web site, you're going to need a domain name. For example, I registered through Registerfly. Let's look at an advertisement for Registerfly (the ad is on the left and is a real working advertisement; is free for you to use, but not free for me to publish. If you register a domain name after clicking on the ad, Registerfly gives me a small commission which will be used to improve this site). Registerfly is the domain name registration company I use to register

Now let's see what the ad on the left means:

This company's domain name is, just like mine is

As low as 7.25 means that some domain names are $7.25/yr, but .com names are 9.99/yr. 9.99/yr is read 9.99 per year and means you pay $9.99 every year to register a domain name.

Free change of ownership means that you can transfer the domain to someone else for free. If you decide to sell your domain, you will need to transfer it in order to make the buy the new owner.

5 MB website and POP3/SMTP are web hosting terms. Go to the Web hosting class for more information.

URL forwarding means that when someone types in your URL they get sent to another site.

Domain locking means that a domain can not be transferred. This way, no one can steal your domain.

Here's a web host vocabulary test. Try to type the letter of the correct definition into the box on the left of each word.
as low as 7.25 A. prevents change of ownership
free change of ownership B. A domain might cost $7.25, but it might cost more
URL forwarding C. You can give ownership of the domain to another person free of charge
domain locking D. A request for one URL brings users to another URL

How to register a domain name:

1. Click on the register fly advertisement.

2. Type the domain name you want into the box. The box will look like the one on this ad

3. Do you see the little picture of a fly on the ad above? Click on that picture of a fly and registerfly will search to see if the domain name you want is available.

4. If your preferred domain is not available, alternatives will be suggested.

5. When you find a name you like, become a registerfly member by choosing a user name and password. Then register your domain!

I hope that this is enough to get you started. Try talking about domain names on the ESL go technology forum.

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