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Advertisements's Raiders class 2, part D (discussion).

We knew from the first part that Indiana is good at getting antiques. Now we know that the movie is going to be about an antique called the Lost Ark, which may be in Tanis.

In the movie, Indiana takes antiques and sells them to a museum. In the real world there are several disputes regarding antiques. Some Greek antiques are in a British museum, but England does not want to give the antiques back to Greece. Also, there are Korean antiques in France, but the French government hasn't returned the antiques to the Korean government. What do you think? Should the antiques stay where they are or be returned to their countries of origin? Share your thoughts on the internatioanl affairs forum. If that sounds boring why not talk about movies in general on the movies forum? While you write, look for opportunities to use the passive voice and the vocabulary we've been studying.

The 2nd Raiders class consists of:

Class part Activity Time
Intro General information about the class. 5 minutes plus however long it takes you to get the video.
Part A Plot synopsis and passive review. 10 minutes
Part B Introduction to some vocabulary. 15 minutes
Part C Watch the second part of the movie and answer questions about it. 10 minutes
Part D Discuss your reaction to the movie on the message boards. Spend as much (or as little) time on the message boards as you like.