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Advertisements's Raiders class 2, part A (review & synopsis).

A plot synopsis is a story explaining the action in a book or movie. Read the synopsis of the first two parts of the movie. In the first part you'll have to fill in a couple of passive verbs.

In the first part of the movie we saw Indiana Jones take a gold statue from a cave. However, the statue (steal) by Belloq. Then Indiana (chase) by natives trying to kill him. He reached his airplane and escaped. Now we begin part 2!

In the second part of the movie we'll see that Indiana is a professor of archaeology and that when he gets antiques he sells them to Marcus who works for a museum. Then we'll see what this movie is all about: someone wants Indiana to get a certain antique.

The 2nd Raiders class consists of:

Class part Activity Time
Intro General information about the class. 5 minutes plus however long it takes you to get the video.
Part A Plot synopsis and passive review. 10 minutes
Part B Introduction to some vocabulary. 15 minutes
Part C Watch the second part of the movie and answer questions about it. 10 minutes
Part D Discuss your reaction to the movie on the message boards. Spend as much (or as little) time on the message boards as you like.