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Advertisements's free online Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark class by James Trotta does not charge for the "Raiders" online class, but you will need to watch the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark, a famous action movie starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. As of April 23, 2003, this movie is available as a video but not as a DVD. You can try to find it in your local movie store or you can purchase it from

cover Buy Raiders of the Lost Ark from

In this class you will study some vocabulary as it's used to describe the movie. Seeing vocabulary should help you remember and understand how to use these words. Then you will study active and passive sentences as they're used to describe the movie. Understanding which situations call for active verbs and which situations call for passive verbs is extremely difficult for English learners. This class makes it as easy as possible by showing which situations in the movie are best described actively and which are best described passively. Then you'll examine the grammatical form of these sentences and be encouraged to use your new knowledge of active and passive on the forums.

The Raiders class consists of:

Class part Activity Time
Intro General information about the class. 5 minutes plus however long it takes you to get the video.
Part A Introduction to some vocabulary (5 nouns). 5 minutes
Part B Introduction to some more vocabulary (5 verbs). 5 minutes
Part C Watch the first part of the movie and order sentences based on the vocabulary from parts A and B. 15 minutes
Part D Examine the active and passive verbs found in the sentences from part C. 5-10 minutes
Part E Convert present tense sentences from parts C and D to past tense sentences. 5-10 minutes
Part F Review the rules for active and passive verbs in the present and past tense. Use your knowledge on one of the message boards. 5 minutes for the review, then spend as much (or as little) time on the message board as you like.