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Free online English grammar class: present simple vs. present progressive

The present simple is used for something that happens many times or something that is generally true. Example:It rains a lot during the rainy season in Korea.

The present progressive (sometimes called the present continuous) is used for an unfinished action happening at the time of speaking. Example:Luckily, it's not raining now.

Now you can try it. Read these sentences about me and type the answers into the boxes (use the verb I give you after the box). Do not use contractions (use "it is" rather than "it's"). Also, make sure that there is only one space between each word. Remember that computers are not as smart as you are.

1. I (have) many hobbies. I (like) music a lot. In fact, I (listen) to Mozart right now. I (love) Mozart's music.

2. I (want) to learn Korean, so I (take) a class, which ends soon.

3. I (read) a lot, and now I (read) a travel book. It (be) about Poland.

I hope that this is enough to get you started. Try telling us about yourself on the say hi forum. You can make friends with the rest of the ESL go community. If you have questions about this grammar, see the present tense message board thread.

Learning a language is very difficult (I know from studying Korean) and studying on your own is even more difficult than taking a class. Finding a good language school can make the process more rewarding.