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ESL's "I will" English listening class vocabulary

Now that you've listened to the song one time, let's look at the words in more detail. Here's a vocabulary test. These are words from the song. Try to type the letter of the correct definition into the box on the left of each word.

whisper A. had the same experience
sigh B. lower your head because of a negative emotion
hang you head C. breathe loudly to express weariness, grief, or relief
take it bad D. say something false; untrue
been there E. speak very quietly
above F. improved; a good change
better G. on top; higher than
lie H. take it hard; react in a bad way

Note: "take it bad" is fine for casual communication, but "take it badly" is better for formal communication.

This English listening class consists of:

Class part Activity Time
Intro General information about the class and listen for for the main idea of the song. 5 minutes plus however long it takes you to get the song.
Part A Introduction to some difficult vocabulary. 10 minutes
Part B Listen for the new vocabulary words. 10 minutes
Part C Examine the song's lyrics and identify the arguments. 10 minutes
Part D Talk about this song or any other music. As much (or as little) time as you like.

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