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Loan, lend + borrow free vocabulary class

Personal finance is an important topic. Getting a loan is or lending someone money is a serious issue and you want to be accuarate. In this class you will talk about a time you lent money to someone or borrowed money from someone.

When talking about loans, it's easy to get the verbs lend and borrow confused. Here's the difference: If you borrow money, you get money from someone (you are usually supposed to give the money back later). If you lend money, you give money to someone (and you are usually supposed to get the money back). The act of giving money (lending) is called a loan.

Here's a dialogue about a car loan missing the noun loan and the verbs lend and borrow. Loan is sometimes used as a verb, but for the exercise below use lend as a verb and loan as a noun. Type the correct word into each box.

JIM: Hi mom, can I some money? I want to buy a car.

MOM: How much do you need?

JIM: Well I've saved up a thousand dollars, but I need another thousand to buy a decent used car.

MOM: You want me to you a thousand dollars.

JIM: Yeah, but if I'm asking too much, I could buy a cheaper car.

MOM: We don't have the money right now. Maybe a bank could help.

JIM: How do I get a car from the bank?

Now, you can read some models that I wrote and then write about lending or borrowing money. Please visit the class message board thread. The more you use English to communicate, the easier it will be to remember grammar and vocabulary! Please tell us a story about lending or borrowing money. Or describe a TV or movie scene. Don't go to the forums and ask for a loan!