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Homeowners insurance reported speech class

I bought my homeowners insurance from one carrier and my auto insurance from another carrier. I was happy with that arrangement until I had a problem.

I live right near the ocean, and right before hurricane season last year the one company dropped my homeowners insurance. They said they were dropping me because of the potential of the upcoming hurricane season. I was told that if I had my auto insurance policy with them as well that they would have kept me on.

I got really stressed out trying to find another homeowners policy and spent hours on the phone trying to get insurance (and cursing the insurer that dropped me). I don’t know if having auto and homepwners insurance with the same carrier will always save you from this type of situation, but I guess it doesn’t hurt.

Thank you to Cheap Insuarnce 123, which has excellent low cost homeowners insurance, for making this insurance class possible.

Now let's take a look at some grammar:

They said... OR They said that...

They told me that...

I was told that...

So we'll use say/said without the pronoun and tell/told with the pronoun. We can also use tell/told in the passive voice. Give the following a try:

1. Hey, excuse me. I'm lost. Can you me how to get to Front Street?

Well I'm not exactly sure but someone me that it's over by the ocean. I'm looking for it too!

2. Excuse me. Ms. Riley?

Yes, do I know you?

No but I that you could help me.

Who I could help you? And with what?

3. I just spoke to Ann. She she wants to break up with me.

What? Why?

She that I was too immature. She me to stop acting like a baby.

That's what she every guy when she dumps him.

I hope that this is enough to get you started. Try to think of a conversation you had (about insurance or anything else) and explain what was said to you on a relevant blog or message board.