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ESL's "Insurance" class

Try out some verbs as we discuss insurance. Watch out for the passive voice when the subject is not performing the action. Not all of the blanks require passives but some do.

Insurance (come) in many flavors. The most common are health insurance,life insurance, and car insurance.

Health insurance is supposed to make sure that people who can sick can afford to go to the doctor.It is a big issue in the United States, mainly because not everyone (have) it. Good jobs often come with benefits, including health insurance, but Americans who don't have good jobs may have no health insurance, also called medical coverage. No health insurance plus a relatively low-paying job plus extremely high costs for medical care in the US (equal) a controversial issue.

Life insurance (design) to protect families. If a family member who makes most of the money for that family dies, the family will suddenly find themselves poor if the deceased had no life insurance. It is not as big a political issue as health insurance in America, but, in some ways, it is similar to health insurance. It tends to be the better jobs that provide life insurance benefits to employees.

Car insurance consists of a few different types of coverage. Car owners want to be protected if there car is stolen for example. Another type of car insurance, liability, (require) in America for everyone who owns a car. If someone is liable for something it means they (be) responsible. So let's say I'm driving one day and I hit someone. Let's say it's my fault. The person I hit is probably entitled to some money. My liability coverage should pay so that I don't lose my own personal money. Problems arise when people with no money and very little liability coverage seriously injure someone. The injured person may not be able to collect enough money from the insurance policy and the driver with no money.

This class was made possible thanks to support from an insurance company. Please look their direction when you need life quotes or car insurance quotes online.

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